Georgia State Senator Lindsey Tippins, District 37

“I Do Not Consider This A Job. I Consider It The Honor Of Public Service

Senator Lindsey Tippins has served the 37th District of Georgia since 2010. For 51 years, he has owned Tippins Contracting Company, Inc., and he has been married to his wife, Ann, since 1969. They have two children and six wonderful grandchildren. He entered public service to give back to his state and community and treats his position as an honor as well as a great responsibility.

“I’ve lived in Cobb County since I was five years old, he said. “My life has been an open book. People know my values and my record as a neighbor, civic leader, business owner and elected official. The public should expect no less.”

Senator Tippins has 22 years of public service. Since he assumed elected office, he has returned the salary earned from his positions on the Cobb County School Board and State Senate back to his community, in the form of college scholarships and teacher stipends. Over the years, this has resulted in more than $400,000 being reinvested in the community to educate students. He was named Cobb County Citizen of the Year in 2008.

22 years of
elected office
51 years of owning
Tippins Contracting Company

10 years of serving the 37th District of Georgia

“I Have Always Tried To Conduct My Public Responsibilities As Diligently As My Private Life. If I Don’t Think Something’s In The Best Interest Of Georgia, I Will Not Vote For It.”

Senator Tippins is as careful with the state’s resources as he is with his own. He is known for detailed scrutiny of spending bills, making sure that the state’s taxpayers are receiving maximum value for their tax dollars. He applies the lessons he’s learned in his own business to keep costs low and to determine if the investment is right for Georgia. 

“I have always believed that those elected to represent the public’s interests are held to a higher standard than they are in their own interests. That is the standard by which I have tried to serve.”

“We Have To Be Serious About

The Business Of Education

Senator Tippins entered public service when he was elected to the Cobb County Board of Education. Realizing that two thirds of local taxes go to education, he began a series of initiatives that reduced costs and improved efficiency throughout the school system, using his decades of business experience. He has been credited with saving Cobb County and Georgia taxpayers millions of dollars.

Since being elected to the Senate in 2010, education (especially K-12) has continued to be a priority for Senator Tippins. He was named the Chairman of the Education and Youth Committee in 2013, and under his leadership, legislation that he authored has been passed which reduced the number of high-stakes tests in elementary and middle schools, updated the teacher and leader evaluation system, and created a real-time reading skills analysis to ensure students in grades 1 and 2 were prepared for third grade.

Additionally, he has worked extensively to provide high school students with new options for moving on to college or careers. He sponsored numerous pieces of legislation allowing high school students to participate in work-based learning opportunities and career-pathway programs that focus on student’s natural aptitudes. His innovative assessment program ensures students are learning and progressing in accordance with state and federal guidelines.

He introduced Senate Bill 2, passed in 2015, that allows students on a career path to graduate high school AND earn an associate’s degree, a technical diploma, or two industry certifications in the normal four years of high school. This allows students to enter the workforce sooner, saving valuable time and their parents money. Finally, as the chairman of the Higher Education Committee, Senator Tippins worked closely with the Governor’s Office to protect the highly successful Dual Enrollment Program.

“We Need To Enable Economic Growth, Then Let Businesses Thrive On Their Own.”

Senator Tippins is down to earth and down to business. He has long advocated making investments in economic programs that incentivize business growth, but then let the free enterprise system thrive on its own merits. He has been a strong advocate for Cobb County businesses—and companies all over Georgia.

Senator Tippins has protected the rights of vendors in the business community, assuring fairness in our business environment. The Georgia Court of Appeals ruled that the existing lien law may prevent vendors or suppliers from being paid funds which they are owed for their work on specific projects. Senator Tippins worked closely with A.G.C. of Georgia to close the loophole, and guarantee vendor’s rights to be paid fairly for materials and services rendered.

Additionally, he introduced legislation that would protect school systems from having to pay the prepaid interest assessments for nuclear power plants that were added to monthly power bills.

“We Need Steady And Solid Governance, Not Knee-Jerk Reactions.”

As a conservative, Senator Tippins believes that good leadership means working with others for common-sense solutions to the state’s biggest challenges. These include:
  • Safe and secure communities for all Georgians
  • Phenomenal Educational Opportunities for Students and Adults to achieve successful careers
  • Providing infrastructure improvement that encourage and stimulate economic growth
  • Responsible stewardship of our natural resources
  • Fiscally sound governance

Getting Involved

If you support Senator Tippins’ values such as safe and secure communities for all Georgians, phenomenal education opportunities for students and adults to achieve successful careers, and a business environment that fosters private enterprise and free market solutions for economic growth, we welcome you to become involved with our campaign, with a donation or by being a volunteer.