Senator Tippins’ Issues and Legislative Initiatives

Senator Tippins serves on the following Senate Committees:

Key legislation sponsored by Senator Tippins during his time in the Senate:


SB 315– Provides for changes in lien laws to allow contractors and other workers to be paid fairly and more timely
SB 106 “Patients First Act”-Allows more access to health care for uninsured and lower-income Georgians


SB 3– “Creating Opportunities Needed Now to Expand Credentialed Training “(CONNECT) Act”- Creates ways for high schoolers to earn associates degrees in select fields during their high school careers, saving time and money, and allowing them to enter the workforce faster.
SB 186-Promotes dual credit (high school and college) for select coursework.
SB 211– Assesses reading skill levels of students entering third grade so early corrective action can be taken for students needing more help
SB 362– Established a student assessment pilot program
SB 401-Promotes career-oriented courses and graduation paths
SB 2– Makes it possible for student who completes certain requirements relating to postsecondary coursework to be awarded a high school diploma
HB 338– Create a system of supports and assistance for low-performing schools in the greatest need
SB 191– Standardized safety requirements for blasting and excavating near utility facilities
SB 348– Provides for colleges and career academies as charter school or schools within a strategic waivers school system